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Riding-type Cultivator

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  • 3-ACTION one-touch electronic direction adjustment system
    • FWS (direction shifting by forward wheels)
        -Easy and pleasant driving with tractors because of straight advance in working.
    • 4WS (direction shifting by 4 wheels)
        -Short rotating radius and less damage to crops because of rear wheels chasing the track of forward wheels.
        -Excellent drawing force by employing 4 wheel driving system and tires for cultivators.
    • RWS (direction shifting by rear wheels)
    • Precise reversing with excellent straight advance .
    • One touch operation with direction changing switch to transmit automatically 3-ACTION which works pleasantly and efficiently.
  • Wide and comfortable driving seat and power steering
    Wide and comfortable driver's seat designed by human physiology producing excellent back/ support. Simple and easy operation by the concentrated switches and instrument board around the driver's seat.

    Safe working by the direct visible assurance of mechanical abnormalities and easy, pleasant and correct working by changing direction with hydraulic power steering. Secure operation by the position controller, the same method as the tractor.
  • Installation of powerful vanguard engine
    Maximum 20 horsepowers of the compact and vertical type vanguard engine designed with low vibration and low weight center, excellent efficiency with silence, adaptability & drawing force.
  • Quick hitch type attachment/detachment device
    2p quick hitch type attachment/detachment device is convenient to attatch and detatch devices by a single person. Safe built-in of the tank or the boom of a boom sprayer by a single person.
  • Convenient speed-adjusting lever system
    Two types by hand or by feet, when requiring constant rotating, hands-on operation is availlable, when on-road, by-feet-operated structure is availlable. Easy utilization according to the purpose.
  • No problem for making high ridge & cultivating high/long crops
    580, 660, 740mm high from the surface Applicable for rotary tilling and preventing pest Employment of the same narrow tires at both front and rear get the minimum damage to crops.
  • Easily operated transmission
    Simple and easy shifting of transmission has simple and strong structure. Wide shifting range of 8-stage advances and 4-stage reverses is operated by operating main and sub shifting.


Overall Length(mm)
Overall Width(mm)
Overall Height(mm)
DRY Weight(kg)
Vanguard 351777
Air Cooled 4Cycle 2Cylinder Vertical Gasoline
Max Output(ps/rpm)
Fuel Tank Capacity(L)
Starting System
Electric Starting Type
Clutch System
DRY Multi-Plate Clutch
Steering System
Hydrostatic Power Steering
Brake System
Wet Type Disk Mechanical
Transmission System
Both Type : Continuance, Selection
Main Transmission
forward:8 , Reverse:4
P.T.O Rotation(rpm)
Low:627, High:779
Wheel Base(mm)
Wheel Tread(mm)
Ground Clearance(min)(mm)
Wheel for Transplanter(660), Wheel For Sprayer (740)
MIN Turning Radius(m)
Implement Lifting Type
Control Type
Position Control Type
Setting Type
2P Linkage(Quick-Hitch)Type